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Why Precision Bookkeeping Services, LLC?

Accounting, bookkeeping and budgeting are tasks that small business owners face every day. Though the key to success sounds simple --make a profit-- it's not that easy when you don't have the time, manpower or resources necessary to fulfill your accounting responsibilities.


Instead, it’s much more cost-effective to parcel out specific duties to two or three part-time or outsourced individuals, such as a Bookkeeper, Accountant, Controller or CFO. These individuals devote their time only to their core functions and areas of expertise.


Your company is too valuable to put its future anywhere but in the hands of professionals. But consider the costs associated with full-time experts:

  • Full-time bookkeepers range from $35,000-40,000/yr

  • Staff Accountants range from $45,000-65,000/yr

  • Controllers range from $70,000-100,000/yr

  • CFO's range from $85,000-150,000/yr

  • Add 6.2% for employer-paid Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare, then add state and federal unemployment taxes

  • Add 15-20% for employee benefits, along with Holidays, PTO, Vacation and/or sick time

Those costs do not include the costs of training. Nor do they account for the fact that the average productive time for a full-time employee is roughly 80%, which means you’re paying for 20% down-time.


We can customize a bookkeeping system that gives you real-time financial insights into your business's performance.


As part of your business team, we want to work together to make sure your dreams work and make financial sense for you. Your success is our success. Working together is key to creating the best customized solutions for your unique accounting needs.


Feel comfortable placing these responsibilities in the hands of Precision Bookkeeping Services, LLC.  We will dedicate our time, planning and financial reports to help drive your business in the right direction.


If you have the desire to see growth, improvement and effective business practices implemented successfully, you should hire a virtual bookkeeper, like us, for your business accounting needs. With Precision Bookkeeping Services, you can receive quality books, financial and strategic advice without all the waste.

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